London art

Frederick Mulder Ltd to exhibit at Masterpiece London 2014 by Frederick Mulder

"An unparalleled show of Fine Art

Masterpiece London, situated at the peak of the capital’s summer season, brings together patrons, collectors, curators and exhibitors from across the world in a display of art, antiques and design of the highest calibre. 

A forum for design and aesthetic excellence, every exhibit offered is scrutinised by a team of independent experts to ensure confidence in each purchase. 

Scott’s Seafood & Champagne Bars, Le Caprice, The Ivy Bar and The Mount Street Deli all provide the perfect break from the fair to discuss art or meet friends. 

Each day, exhibitors present insights into their given area of expertise. If your interests lie in antiquities or abstract art, decorative arts or jewels, Masterpiece London gives you the opportunity to get up close to some of the finest examples at the fair and to learn and acquire from the world’s leading luminaries."