British Museum

British Museum prints deal completes Picasso mission by Frederick Mulder

"The British Museum has just purchased a group of mint-condition prints by Picasso worth millions, the completion of a mission to house the key European collection of the artist’s print-making skills." reports Vanessa Thorpe in The ObserverThe Guardian, Sunday 25 September. 

As quoted by Stephen Coppel, Curator of modern prints and drawings "This is the last important gap to be filled in the British Museum’s representation of Picasso’s print work [...] It is very important that we were able to acquire this work. It is one of the greatest achievements in graphic art”.

Frederick Mulder Ltd feel very fortunate to have contributed to this achievement and in so doing to continue its longstanding relationship with such a reputable institution. 

To read the full article, please click here. 

British Museum acquires important Picasso linocuts by Frederick Mulder

This month we would like to draw your attention to an important group of Picasso linocuts the British Museum has just acquired, and an article the Guardian published about them:  We will let you guess who “the dealer” is.  There is a short video about the prints as well:   Both sets will be on display at the British Museum untill 6 May; do go see them.