Bresdin 'Le Bon Samaritain'
Bresdin 'Le Bon Samaritain'
Bresdin 'Le Bon Samaritain'

Rodolphe Bresdin (1822 - 1885)

Le Bon Samaritain

Lithograph, 1861
Van Gelder 100

A very early impression of the first issue of this subject; Becker's first state before the smudge on the knee of the carried monkey at the right and before the white bird. Impressions of this quality are of the utmost rarity.

Bresdin's most important print, and one of the greatest masterpieces of nineteenth century printmaking.

Image Size : 56.5 x 44.9cm (22.2 x 17.7in)
Sheet Size : 74.6 x 59.7cm (29.4 x 23.5in)