Bodmer 'Animals and Landscapes after Nature: Le matin: Cerf et Biches'
Dürer 'Saint Jerome in his Study'
Chagall 'Then the old woman mounted on the Ifrit's back..'
Sultan 'Cypresses' (black and brown over green)
Doig, 'Untitled (Canoe)'
F Mulder Ltd - Mucha 'Portrait of a Woman' - email.jpg
Ranft 'Trottins'
Meryon 'L'Arche du Pont Notre-Dame, Paris'
Van de Velde 'Midday'
Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo 'Armida falls in love with Rinaldo'
Bliss 'Corkley in Snow'
  James Jacques Joseph Tissot (1836 -1902)     The Parable of the Prodigal Son according to St. Luke    Etchings, 1882 Wentworth 57 - 61, second state of two  The complete set of etched frontispiece plus four etched plates: "The Departure", "In Foreign Climes", "The Return", and "The Fatted Calf". Unbound as issued. From the second state printing of 400, according to Wentworth.   Image size : 31.0 x 37.0 cm (12.2 x 14.57 in)  Sheet size : 33.0 x 40.0 cm (12.99 x 15.75 in) 
   Peter Blake (Born 1932)       Untitled      Screenprint, 1997    Signed, numbered, and dated in pencil.  An original screenprint from 'The Freud Museum 10th Anniversary Portfolio', an edition of 100, published in London in 1997 and printed by Gresham Studio Ltd, Cambridge. The publication was supported by the New-Land Foundation of New York.  Printed in seven colours on Fabriano Artistico 300gsm.    Image Size : 38.5 x 52cm (15.2 x 20.5in) Sheet Size : 51 x 64cm (20.1 x 25.2in)    £550
Zasinger 'The Knight and the Lady on horseback'
Seligmann 'Untitled', from the portfolio "VVV"
  Aegidius Sadeler II (1570 - 1629)     Hercules spinning (on the left) and Omphale    Engraving, c. 1600  Hollstein (Dutch & Flemish) 106, Vol. XXI-XXII; Wurzbach 68  After the Flemish painter, Bartholomeus Spranger (1546 - 1611).  Image Size : 41.2 x 31.3cm (16.2 x 12.3in) Sheet Size : 47 x 34.7cm (18.5 x 13.7in)  Note According to legend, Omphale was queen of the kingdom of Lydia in Asia Minor and widow of Timolus, the oak-clad mountain king who was gored to death by a bull. After his death she continued to reign on her own and, in her best-known myth, became the mistress of the hero Hercules who was sentenced to a year of servitude to her as punishment for murder.  Over the centuries, this is a scenario that has offered writers and artists opportunities to explore erotic themes, inherently a comic inversion of gender roles of the period, with references to Hercules being forced to do women's work and even wear women's clothing.  In Sadeler's engraving, Hercules is forced to hold a basket of wool while Omphale and her maidens do their spinning. Adding further salt to the wound, Omphale wears the skin of the Nemean Lion and carries Heracles' olive-wood club. After some time, Omphale freed Hercules and took him as her husband.  Egidius Sadeler or Aegidius Sadeler was an engraver from the Southern Netherlands active at the court of Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor in Prague. He was born in Antwerp in a Sadeler family of engravers. Impressions of this subject are held in museum collections around the world, including the Rijksmuseum in The Netherlands.  £1,200
  John McLusky (1923-2006)     Moonraker - Torture Sequence    Ink drawing, 1959  Three of the original strips created by John McLusky for  Moonraker .  The original novel by Ian Flemming was adapted as a comic strip and published in the Daily Express, a British newspaper. McLusky worked alongside author Henry Gammidge between 1958 and 1966 to adapt sixteen of the Bond novels.  Sheet size: 46.0 x 13.0 cm (18.1 x 5.1 in)  £2,400
Schmidt-Rottluff 'Die Sonne'
Kollwitz 'Selbstbildnis im Profil'