Suite Vollard

Frederick Mulder awarded 'Eminence Grise' in The Spear's 500 by Frederick Mulder

Described as "Europe’s definitive guide to the top wealth managers, lawyers and advisers for HNW individuals", we are delighted to be included in the second edition of The Spear's 500. Listed under the Art Advisor's section, Frederick Mulder has been awarded the status of 'Eminence Grise', and is the only print-specific specialist listed.

"Mulder has spent the 40 years of his career celebrating and promoting the diversity, originality and beauty of the printed medium, whether etching, lithograph or other technique. He started spanning the entire history of printmaking, from the 1460s to his day, but now he specialises in Picasso, whose prints often came out in editions of 50. That doesn’t make them easy to acquire, however, price aside: many prints ‘are still disappearing at an enormous rate into institutions’ who can’t afford original paintings or drawings, thus perhaps only half of an edition is still in private hands..."

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The Frederick Mulder stand at Masterpiece London | 2015 by Frederick Mulder

After another successful year at Masterpiece London, we are delighted to share some photos of our stand showcasing, amongst others, our three stunning Matisse cut-outs and our Picasso prints and ceramics. The images were taken by photographer Francis Ware and also feature the elegant furniture of Chelsea-Wiltshire designer, Tom Faulkner.

Fred Mulder to talk at London Original Print Fair: 'One dealer's stories of the Picasso world' by Frederick Mulder

LOPF Free Talks Programme, General Assembly Room - Sunday 26 April, 12noon

Dr Frederick Mulder CBE

'30 Years of Picasso: One dealer's stories of the Picasso world - his prints, his printers, his collectors'

Frederick Mulder has been deeply involved with the world of Picasso since buying his first Picasso lithograph as a student in 1969.  He knew two of Picasso’s printers well, has a wealth of anecdotes about them, and even knows something about the prints he has been privileged to handle.   He will also talk about how he has used his Picassos to fund environmental and social causes. 


Admission to the following talks is free with your ticket to The London Original Print Fair.

Spaces at talks in the General Assembly Room are limited so please book by emailing your name to stating clearly the name of the talk you wish to attend.

The Art Fund are also offering a chance to win two tickets the London Original Print Fair, plus a seat at Fred's talk.

Printmaking Today features Fred Mulder discussing some of the Picasso prints he will show at the London Original Print Fair 2015, and his memories of fairs past by Frederick Mulder

In anticipation of the eagerly awaited 30th anniversary of the London Original Print Fair, Fred Mulder shares a few of the star pieces he will be showing, including works by Pablo Picasso and Aristide Maillol, with Printmaking Today. He also recounts one of his favourite memories from previous years.

COVERmagazine.HK article on 'Picasso Printmaker' exhibition - a collaboration between La Galerie HK & Frederick Mulder Ltd by Frederick Mulder

La Galerie HK, is a brand new gallery space recently opened in Hong Kong Central. Predominantly dedicated to photography, La Galerie has curated a beautiful exhibition of photographs of Picasso alongside some of his linocuts, etchings and ceramics, including several individual impressions from the Suite Vollard. The exhibition is a collaboration between La Galerie and Frederick Mulder Ltd and will run until 15 March.

Amongst some of the very positive press the exhibition has generated is an article by, with an extensive interview with FM Ltd's director, Anne-Françoise. The following is an excerpt discussing the difference in interpretations of Picasso's work by different cultures :




當我們談到畢加索的畫作,有一個不能忽視的重點:畢加索是一個非常努力、多才多藝的藝術匠人。在我們的展覽中,大家可以清楚地看到這一點。我們展出的部分 Suite Vollard 版畫系列作品和部分油氈浮雕版畫作品(linocuts)都展現了畢加索高超的藝術技巧,在畢加索製作油氈浮雕版畫前,這種創作⽅方法⼀一直被漠視,是他將創作技巧帶到了一個前所未有的高潮點。我想說的是,即使有些訪客並不欣賞畢加索的風格,但是最終,他們也會被畢加索高超的版畫創作技巧所折服。

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Hong Kong 'LifeStyle Journal' on Masterpiece 2014 and Frederick Mulder's Picasso 'Minotauromachie' and Matisse 'Jazz' by Frederick Mulder

Ho Siu-Bun writes in the prestigious Hong Kong biweekly magazine, 'LifeStyle Journal', about the highlights from his visit to Masterpiece 2014, dedicating a section to the Frederick Mulder Ltd stand. He draws attention in particular to our Picasso Minotauromachie and our Matisse Jazz.

'Lifestyle Journal' is a luxury lifestyle magazine distributed with the 'Hong Kong Economic Journal'. You can read the full article here.

" 到埗第一天,朋友用Whatsapp提醒我:Tate Modern正展出Matisse Cut-outs(剪紙作)!野獸派領頭人Matisse(馬蒂斯)晚年天天都在剪紙,這些幾乎是他最具童心、最爐火純青的作品,馬上去看!展覽很大型,展出都是精品,震撼很深!想不到第二天去ML傳媒預展,入場不久就看到Matisse的Cut-outs有售!而且明碼實價,嚇親我!一張42.2 x 65.1cm的原作,大概售價是8,000-1,1900英鎊不等(未連稅),即約十萬港元起跳,老實說,比起好多年輕藝術家的作品都要抵買。參展商Frederick Mulder Ltd是一家英國Gallery,藝廊總監Anne-Francoise Gavanon:「我們其實是第一年參展,我們公司由Dr. Frederick Mulder在45年前創辦,我們的專長其實是販賣歐洲名家的版畫,包括Rembrandt、Picasso等等,我們擁有一些十分有名的版畫,包括畢卡索最著名、最多人找的作品《 La Minotauromachie》。」談到Matisse的Cut-outs,她說:「這些Cut-outs,是當年Matisse替《Jazz》這本書做美術的作品,由於當時是1943年戰時,物資匱乏,到成書時,已是1947年。Matisse使用的是所謂Pochoir的Stencil技巧,《Jazz》是當年最多人搜購的一本好書。」Frederick Mulder與畢卡索的一些好友關係良好,於是,畢卡索作品也成了他們的專長,他們的客人,包括MOMA、波士頓藝術博物館,近日甚至替大英博物館購入一些畢卡索作品。"

New York Times discuss our Matisse and Picasso at the IFPDA Print Fair in New York by Frederick Mulder

The IFPDA Print Fair held at The Park Avenue Armory in New York received glowing reviews in the press this year, not least by Karen Rosenberg of the New York Times who lead her article with the title: "Marquee Works Amid Buried Treasure: The Print Fair Has a New Emphasis on Gallery-like Shows".

She wrote of Frederick Mulder Ltd: "Then there is the matchup of Matisse and Picasso, at Frederick Mulder. Selections from Matisse’s late book of cutout-based prints, “Jazz,” face off with a complete edition of Picasso’s “Vollard Suite” (the portfolio of 100 etchings named for his dealer Ambroise Vollard, who appears in three of them). Any multimedia artist who wants to become more invested in printmaking would do well to spend some time with these modern classics."

It was a pleasure to participate once again and to catch up with friends old and new.

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